You are NEVER too old. I am in my early eighties, have suffered osteo arthritis in my knees for a long period of time. My surgeon said my knees were “mushy”. I had difficulty walking and used sticks. I had also used a wheelchair and needed help getting my legs lifted up. Then I met Andy W of Focused Fitness who became my Personal Trainer.

I began using a stationery cycle. Andy set me a programme. My knees were stiff and sore to begin with but gradually began to loosen up. I progressed to a higher level and 1/2 hour a day, together with exercises for hands and leg movements to strengthen the muscles. I have better balance, my knees are almost pain free. It is helpful to me, that he is able to visit me at home regularly and note my progress and instruct me further. He is very professional and a caring person and I cannot speak of him highly enough….”