Group fitness and flexibility

Group Fitness

Focused Fitness holds 3 Group Fitness Sessions at Progress Hall, Anzac Road, Browns Bay. One of the best views to exercise to in the Bay’s

TRX BOOT CAMP Thursday 18:00 – 18:30. Don’t just hang around in the gym. Come and hang around with us. Strength, Power, Endurance all combine in this TRX suspension trainer based session.

TRX’ercising Wednesday / Friday 08:45 – 09:30. A full body weight training session using the TRX Suspension Trainer. I have been using the TRX for over 10 years, it is a great way to get a full and challenging workout.

“I have been going to Andy’s Friday TRX class for the last two months and have felt a great improvement in my back. Just before I went to Andy I was pondering what was next for my back. For a long time I have had lower back problems, neck and shoulder problems. The strengthening in my muscles combined with the stretching exercises have seen a huge change in my posture, less discomfort and generally how I feel day to day. I can’t wait for the class each week.”

Terri (Dairy Flat)

“People kept telling me how much weight I’d lost but I knew I hadn’t lost any weight because the scales told me so!
However what I didn’t realise is that I had actually changed my shape! I knew my jeans kept sliding down but just thought they were too stretchy.  I didn’t realise my shape had changed until I put on my ski pants which I hadn’t worn for over two years. While the waist still fitted – the back and sides were so baggy.  I’ve been going to the gym almost daily for over 20 years but it has only been since doing TRX that my body shape has changed”
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Clare (Torbay)